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Welcome to SheensDogs

Whether working from home or the office, leaving for a day or just struggling to get your beloved pet out, let me take the stress off of you and take him/her out for a walk. Providing you with peace of mind and your pet a thoroughly good time.

I am based in Reigate Surrey and can travel locally. I have my own transport with crash tested crates, your dogs safety is important to me. I am first aid trained (dogs and people), insured and have had years of experience with woofers. 

Thank you for finding me whilst looking for your dog walker. I aim to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind that on busier days I may not be able to respond as quickly as I’d like.  If you do not hear from me within 24 hours it is possible I have not been alerted to your message. You are welcome to call or text on 07986982629. 

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About Me

Unleashing my Potential

Since I was very young I’ve loved animals — both learning about and taking care of them. From a young child to an adult we have had everything from hamsters, tortoise, rabbits, Guinea pigs rats, fish, cats and I have had dogs my whole life. We are a family of animal lovers going back generations. Before I could have my own I have looked after friends dogs too, helping out with holidays and walking.

For the last 20 years I have looked after teens in care and in schools. Now that my own family have grown an opportunity has arisen to follow my dreams of meeting and walking a variety of dogs. 

I love all breeds and all types of personalities. I myself have two very gorgeous boys who I have been training and focusing on for the last few years. We have had rescue dogs, reactive dogs and those that follow their noses.  

Since I have started this business, I have loved meeting new dogs, making friends and getting to know their quirks. I feel privileged to be trusted by both the dog and their owners. I am the dog walker you will see laughing and talking with your pet, or singing and dancing with them in a field. 

Whilst exploring how to help my dogs, I have discovered that my love for learning about behaviour has continued from humans into animals. This is something I plan to continue pursuing. 

My ultimate dream is to one day own my own land and be able to rescue all animals, donkeys, pigs and of course dogs. 

My friends will tell you that I am, confident, loyal and compassionate. I am strong and dedicated. They will also tell you that I love their dogs more than them. (This is somewhat true). What they will also tell you is that your dogs will become my family. 

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My Services

What I Can Do for You

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Dog Walking

Exercise, Companionship and Play

As a small business, your dog will have a close relationship with me. I will collect your pup from home, following procedures that we have agreed beforehand. I  will take them to a local area for exercise and play. This will be as part of a group of like minded pets. All dogs will be assessed and monitored for compatibility. I am insured for up to 6 dogs, I usually only walk 6 at times of higher demand. 

I will of course ensure your dog, is safe on the journeys, to and from the walking site, there are crash tested secure crates in my van. I will provide water and treats and will be guided by you as to your pets needs. A long walk, time off lead, ball play or lots of assurance and belly rubs!

It is my responsibility to collect your pets waste, taking them to the vet in case of an emergency and reporting back to you any concerns or behaviours that may need to be monitored.

We are lucky to have so many wooded areas or fields close by from Earlswood Lakes, Reigate Heath, Mogador or the Priory to Whitepost Hill and Dover’s Green Recreational Park. We have hidden gems of walks surrounding us, with wooded areas to sniff and explore, fields for running and water to splash in. We like to discover different paths, climb trees, walk along logs, play in the water and splash along streams. 

Whatever the weather (unless a severe weather warning is in place) I can take your pet for a walk. With the wet weather this will mean some muddy trails. I will clean of your pets dirty paws and towel dry what I can. A dog coat is a good idea in wet/muddy times, I have a few but if you can provide one it will mean your pup will be less muddy. In summer months, I will stick to shaded areas, preferably with water close by. I will carry water and ensure your dogs comfort and safety on hot days. 

For your peace of mind I have additional dog tags with my name and number on, we have bells for those that like to travel a little further out and I have Trackers if required. These will be attached with a clip during our walk and removed on our return. 

Your pet will be well looked after and loved. They look forward to my arrival, as do I and cannot wait for my return. The best part of my role is greeting happy dogs that offer love and cuddles and run straight to me. 🥰


Weekend Dog Walking

Adventure Time

Do you have  a day of cleaning to catch up on, packing for a holiday, children’s party to organise? Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone, if you have a day out planned. My Weekend Dog Walking service gives your pet maximum care, even when you can’t be there. 

You can book for an hour or longer if this helps to keep your dog entertained whilst you are busy. This is one of my most popular services and fills up fast. Get in touch to book a session today.



Managing new experiences successfully 

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique.

Socialising is not just playing with other dogs it Is learning to interact in various situations in the home and out in public.

Socialisation helps to teach your dog to interact calmly with people and the world around them. This means introducing them to new sights, sounds, different animals and humans of all sizes. 

Regular walking for your pet will help them to have improved interactions, better manners and stronger relationships. 


Ad- Hoc Bookings and Last Minute Plans

Ready and waiting to go

Have you had last minute plans that mean changing your routine at short notice, medical appointments, extra work meeting, are you isolating or looking after a loved one? 

As well as regular bookings I am able to fit in your last minute or ad hoc dog walks. All I ask is that you give me as much information about your dog as possible and time to meet with them.

I don’t have to have regular bookings or lots of notice to walk your pup. What I may ask for is flexibility with timings as my lunchtime slots fill up fast. 


Photos, Videos and Reviews

Safety First

Whilst on a walk I will take a picture of your dog and send it to you, particularly in the early days of our relationship. This helps to reassure you of your dogs happiness, their safety and that I am with them. 

I use photos for Social Media, as a small business it is important to publish these pictures for promotion, to encourage increased site views and bookings. I appreciate when you allow me to do this. I also love your pets and enjoy sharing their beautiful faces. 

Safety is of utmost importance to me, I don’t use social media whilst out and about, I won’t update when I have a dog with me, I also won’t tag where I am with your dog.  I try to keep my phone usage to the minimum whilst out with pets.

I prefer to use WhatsApp for pictures and contact for bookings or visits. What’s App is free for Images and also shows when you have seen my messages and vice versa. Don’t worry I am not tracking the text just need assurance you have seen it. 


I really appreciate when you leave me a review, either on the site you found me on, Rover, Bark or on Google, Facebook and Instagram. I will copy your review to other sites where I can as this is a really important way to promote my business. 

Let me reassure you that I will never get too busy for your dog.. Once I have met them they are my friend/family and I miss them when I don’t see them! 


Terms & Conditions

Assurance of quality care

As a dog walker I have a clean DBS, insurance cover as well as First Aid Trained (for both dogs and people). I will give your pet love and devotion whilst in my care and ensure to the best of my ability that he/she is kept safe. Walks will be in areas local to your home or locations including secure fields, parks or woods.

Booking and Cancellation:

An initial visit/meeting with the client and pet is required to ensure compatibility.

Relevant information will be shared outlining the pet’s information, needs and the owner’s requirement

Payments will be made in advance, either 24 hours prior to the walk or monthly for regular bookings via direct debit. Cash and bank transfer are also agreeable. I can accept card payment on the day, tap and go! 

Cancellations should be made a week in advance; this is to allow another pet owner to have their dog walked. Full payment will still be taken if under 24 hours’ notice is given of a cancellation.

Repeated cancellations will result in cancellation of services

Dog walking

It is the owner’s responsibility to train their dog to ensure safety for both the pet and the dog walker.

The owner is responsible for ensuring that dogs are fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated as well as microchipped.

Dogs legally need to have a Tag when out of the home with the owners’ full details. (I will add my own tag with my phone number and name on if your dog can be walked off lead.)

The Pet Owner is responsible for any damage or loss the dog may make on his walk. The dog walker is not financially responsible for any Vet fees.

Owners will be open and honest regarding their pet’s behaviour traits including aggression or reactivity towards humans and other dogs

Dogs will not be walked off lead unless it is felt by both parties that it is safe to do so, this means ensuring that recall is perfect. A waiver form/ written email or text will be required. 

An hour booking (1:1 only) includes greeting and settling your pet as well as travelling times to and from the walking space. I do strive to walk your pet for as long as possible within this hour and are more likely to go over the hour.  

Please bear in mind I may not be exactly on time due to traffic and ensuring other dogs are settled before I leave them. (No longer than 15-20 minutes later) If I am late I will not cut short your dogs time, it will simply be carried over. I will keep you updated if you are home waiting for me

At times of extreme weather and if it is not suitable to walk your pet, a pop in service will ensue, with the time being spent with the pet in the home and let out for a toilet break.

Your pet may be walked or taken to a secure field with other like-minded and friendly dogs, the pets travel time may be extended if dogs are being walked in groups. This means they will be walked for the hour but due to pick up and drop offs they will be out of your home for longer than the hour. I will not keep dogs in the van for long periods of time. 

I will require a text or email from the owner to confirm agreement of the above Terms and Conditions, as well as any waivers or agreements. Please see below.  (My services are paperless an electronic response is required)

Agreements and Waivers

Ensuring that expectations for all are met.

Walking off Lead Waiver

  1. I agree/do not agree that my dog is safe to be walked off of the lead and has good recall. I will take responsibility for any damage or loss should he/she not return when called.

Permission to Enter Your Home

  1. I agree to provide and arrange for keys to be available for SheensDogs for the appointment time agreed

  2. The dog walker is not liable for loss or damage to my home unless proven otherwise.

Permission to take your pet to the Vet

  1. I agree for Shasheen Norton-Laver of SheensDogs to take my dog to the Vet in an emergency. I will also be responsible/liable for any vet fees

Permission to use pictures of your pet on social media:

  1. I agree that Shasheen can take pictures of my pet for promotional materials and use these on social media.


An email or text will be required from the pet owner agreeing or not agreeing to the above waivers. (I operate a paperless system) 


Making a Booking 

Simply get in touch 

Booking your pet in for a walk, could not be easier. Simply contact me, tell me what you need and tell me a little about your pet. We will organise for a meet and then book in the first walk. 

I will ask you to read the Terms and Conditions, and Agreement & Waivers (above). I will give you a form to complete relevant to this for insurance purposes.  Please advise your agreement as well as anything you are not in agreement with. 

At the end of the week I will send a WhatsApp message to all clients confirming bookings. If you would like regular walks please confirm by Sunday (via WhatsApp or text) so that I can organise my week.


Affordable and Reasonable 

My charges are £14.00 per hour walk or 30 minute pop in. 

Weekend walking is now £15 for an hour. 

Secure Fields are at an additional cost and need to be booked in advance as many are booked all through the week. 

You can pay by direct debit, bank transfer, bank card (tap and go) or cash.

Payments need to be made at least 24 hours before the walk. Payment confirms your dogs walk and ensures their space. 


Areas covered by SheensDogs

Staying close by

Most Dog Walkers will only cover a 3-5 mile radius (unless they are a company that hires other Dog Walkers). As a lone walker my customers are close by.
There are many reasons for this, one being that I want dogs to be in the van the least amount of time possible. Less travel times means that I can help walk more dogs. 
My radius is Reigate and Redhill. I can travel to Merstham, Horley and areas in between for weekends, evenings and my least busiest times. (Busy times being 12-2)

Get in Touch
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Shasheen has always cared for others so this venture is just perfect for her…SHE LOVES DOGS!!! My dog Skyler also loves Shasheen, so if you need a dog sitter, give Sheen a call.



Sheen’s genuine love for all dogs is clear to see. She is caring and intuitive and this shines through in her interactions with the dogs she meets and cares for.



I don't know anyone that loves dogs more than Sheen, and to see her follow her dream is all the more special. I'd trust Sheen more than anyone with her natural love , care, her sheer devotion and protection of (now your) dogs



Sheen has a wonderful way with dogs, they simply just love her. My 9 year old French bulldog lights up when she arrives at the door. Sheen has looked after him from a pup, like he was her own pup.  Sheen is truly an expert dog handler from small to large dogs, she has the knowledge and experience you can rely on to know your dog is in safe hands when on their walkies.



It was evident on meeting Sheen that she is passionate about caring for dog, she greeted my enthusiastic pup with a lovely and kind manner.
Sheen was also lovely in her interactions with me, I immediately felt at ease and that my pup would be in good hands.
Sheen sent me an update (videos of my pup) whilst she was out wit her.
Delighted to have found Sheen and we have booked further walks. A fantastic caring dog walker, with great experience and enthusiasm for the well being of the dog. I would highly recommend Sheen.



Excellent service. Care and consideration always. Shasheen went out of her way to help me when I was in a jam for a dog sitter. My dog loves his time with her always.



Sheen is wonderful, my dog Myla took to her instantly. She is calm and super professional . I feel very happy knowing that she is looking after my dog. 



Sheen has been fantastic with our labradoodle Alice. She was only a few months when Sheen started walking her but Sheen has been great! Very patient and took her out on her own at first and then introduced her to other dogs, Alice loves her and is learning to love the van and even gets in on her own now! Very lucky to have found her and will definitely be using Sheen for a long time! I highly recommend her but please don’t make her to busy we don’t want to lose her ;)



A wonderful dog walking service, Sheen is so accommodating and gives our dog the variety and attention he needs for a great walk. He comes home happy and contented. Sheen understands his unique needs and always considers this when planning his walks so they are varied and exciting. I highly recommend SheensDogs. 



We’ve had a great experience with Sheen walking our young dog. Very professional with a clear passion for the dogs she looks after. Our dog has really taken to Sheen and enjoys her walks. We continue to use Sheen and advise others to do so. 



“Hugo loves Sheen so much, he is like her shadow. We are so glad we found her”



I have been encouraging Sheen to follow her dream of dog walking for many years. I am proud of the achievement’s she has made in her business in such a short time. She is loyal, caring and loves your dog. This is her new calling!

Martin Norton-Laver

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Contact Me

Firstly thank you for finding me whilst looking for your dog walker. I aim to respond to any enquiries on the same day - if you do not hear from me within 24 hours it is possible I have not been alerted to your message. 
You are welcome to call or text on 07986 982 629.  Please get in touch if I seem like the right Dog Walker for you and your pet. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Reigate, UK

07986 982 629

Thanks for submitting!

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